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Rediscovering my Creative Passion

Rediscovering my creative passion. Acutely Aware author writing

Welcome Old and New Friends!

 Introducing you to my new blogging site, and my first post is a pleasure. My name is Charolette, but you can call me Char.  So why did I decide to start a blog? I’m rediscovering my creative passion and I’m a creative soul who loves the opportunity to make something beautiful. Creative Writing was my favorite class in school and a passion of mine. One day our class assignment was to write a poem. Mother’s Day was approaching, so I wrote one dedicated to my mom called “For My Mother.” “The poem received recognition and praise. It won contests and was published in our local newspaper. However, my proudest moment was when I saw it published in a book of poems, Seedlings.

Chase passion or chase the bag?

Who said you could only have one anyway? I never felt confident enough to turn my passion into a career.  Instead, I wanted the stability of a six-figure salary and not having to worry about being unable to pay my bills. So I went to grad school, racked up student loan debt, entered corporate America, moved around the country for promotions, and developed anxiety and depression.

At the end of 2020, I had enough. I decided to tap into my creative passion and use it to help black women and black women in training. Our black women in training aka, little sisters need to hear this information too.  That’s why I’m here. With this blog, I want to inspire you to continue elevating and become Acutely Aware of yourself, your natural hair, and your happiness.    

get ready for life lessons,
natural hair tips, laughs and tears.

I don’t have all the answers, but sharing my experiences will help you get closer to what you seek.  Join me and Acutely Aware, and let’s create a beautiful, meaningful community together. Hopefully rediscovering my creative passion will inspire you to return to your passion. Here’s to new beginnings and Becoming Acutely Aware!

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I’m Charolette, but you can call me Char.  I wanted to help people so badly that I would neglect my needs. I’ve learned this is common among black women, and I want to help others stop it by providing tips to help shift their mindset and prioritize taking care of themselves. The Acutely Aware brand is dedicated to helping Black women take control of their self-love, self-care, and natural hair journey.  Thanks for reading and following along!



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